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One Shot, Two Kills
by Brian T. Seifrit
No longer available.

    "Set in the backdrop of rural Canadian British Columbia, the tale begins and continues throughout the book at a good clip; the story flows well with well constructed scenarios and realistic conversations. It is a page-turner with realism and action, but not overdone like in Lethal Weapon. This book would have a lot of appeal to all those who appreciate a good action/adventure novel that excels more in realism than in excessive action and adventure."
    ~August, 2004 A review by Jack P. Wise B.S., M.S.

One Shot, Two Kills
by Brian T. Seifrit
No longer available.

   "One Shot, Two Kills is the anticipated follow up to 'Escape'. We meet up with Hayden, as he seems to settle into family life with his new wife. But, little does he know that his recent past is waiting to haunt him and destroy any plans for a future of normalcy. In a flash, all is changed and Hayden must reluctantly take up arms and embark on an adventure that may cost him and his new bride their lives. Seifrit has again worked his magic on a compelling and detailed story that keeps you frantically page turning until the end."
    ~ Reviewed by Actress- Julie Laine: Film credits: Beautiful Horizon, Spiritwalk, When I think of You, How to Love a Serial Killer.

: by Brian T. Seifrit.

    "Brian Seifrit stays true to his course in this contemporary action adventure thriller. Strong characters and macho action are his trademark. The Cold war may be over, but Hayden Rochsoff still has an axe or two to grind. Life under communism has been grim for Hayden. He's become one of the best shooters in the Russian Rebel Army but he's weary of the game. No longer able to tell the good guys from the bad guys, beaten and tortured to within an inch of his life, Hayden vows revenge. He longs for freedom and safety, but first he must rescue his long time friends, Monique and Alex Farrell.
    This brother and sister team have not fared well and Hayden has his hands full pulling off their rescue from a commie prison. Their run for freedom is interrupted by Ellis Leroy, an unsavory operative from Hayden's past who plays both ends against the middle for monetary gain. He suggests a plan to the trio that will provide millions of dollars and guarantee their freedom.
    The only drawback is that the money must be stolen in Alaska from the DEA and US Navy. It's not an easy go, even for the accomplished Hayden and his friends. Escape takes our hero and his friends from Russia to a cruise ship on the Bering Strait and finally to Alaska. Action and intrigue abound. Will Hayden and his friends survive to reach freedom and pull off the caper that will make them millionaires? You'll have to read the book to learn the answer."

    ~Laurel Johnson Midwest Book Review

by Brian T. Seifrit

    "Escape is the story that is very well written and it is a story that is "dying" to be told on the "big screen". The everlasting human wish to reach freedom as a person and as a member of the society, society that has been oppressed many years by a communist regime, is the fuel that powers this story.         When the political idea becomes a personal agenda or vice versa, be sure (if you're the audience) to buckle up, because this story will take you to the rollercoster ride.
    All elements are there: love, passion, action, revenge. And fear, of course, the primary human sense. And it is not just the plain fear. It is rather a more "sophisticated" fear that deals on so many levels of the human mind: fear of the personal and collective welfare, welfare of the immediate significant one, fear of both success and failure."

    ~Denis Cviticanin writer, director

Escape: by Brian T. Seifrit

    "Escape is a full throttle thriller from beginning to end. Persistent in action and suspense, the main character Hayden keeps up the surprises with his intelligence and passion. A member of the Russian Rebel Army, he is driven by both the revenge of his father’s death and pride for what his country could be. A peace lover turned marksmen; he relentlessly pursues his and his friend’s escape, and throws in a $64 million dollar heist as a bonus. Brian T. Seifrit has crafted an entertaining piece of fiction that leaves the reader anticipating a follow up."
    ~Reviewed by Actress- Julie Laine: Film credits: Beautiful Horizon, Spiritwalk, When I think of You, How to Love a Serial Killer.

Escape: by Brian T. Seifrit

    “I certainly did read Escape and was reading a book, big best seller, by Dean Koontz or something, called By The Light of The Moon. I remember being blown away reading your book and thinking you were just as good. I am totally impressed. I also thought it ended too fast and too soon. Well I guess that’s cause you have a sequel. COOL ON YA.”
    ~ Storman Norman, Rock 101 Radio Personality, Vancouver BC. June 18, 2004.

by Brian T. Seifrit

No longer available or in print.

    "O'Brien is back with his buddies, Hal, Rory and Thom in book two of Mr. Seifrit's series, "The O'Brien Series". You will also be introduced to a couple of new pals that he acquires at his new location at Henderson Detective Agency in Ridgeville. O'Brien has hit the big one, being promoted to Lieutenant, he moves his family to a great new home and he takes on the responsibility of heading Henderson's Detective Agency in Ridgeville. O'Brien will soon work for his added level in life however, as he battles with his old enemy from book one, the evil Anvil Brentwood.
    That's right, O'Brien has moved up the ladder but his past haunts him in this second book of the O'Brien Series by Brian T. Seifrit. The evil Anvil Brentwood, whom all of us, who read book one, assumed would be put away for good, has surfaced. Escaping from a mental institution, Anvil decides that he will seek out his revenge on O'Brien for his capture and imprisonment. This is the story-line.
    Mr. Seifrit does a good job bringing his characters to life in this novel. He includes different cases that each are working on, bringing you more into the life of a detective; and includes more about the family life of O'Brien himself. I found that enjoyable. The main thrust of the story however is the hunt to apprehend, yet another time, the evil Anvil Brentwood. You travel with O'Brien as Anvil takes them from one point to another in their relentless search to recapture him.
    You share in the investigating and you wonder if Anvil will harm either O'Brien, his co-workers or his family, as Anvil leaves a trail of bodies for them to follow. Not a well man! Again, as with book one, this novel has the flavor of the old TV programs, like Dragnet. It is good cop finding bad guy story, and all that goes with it. Not fast paced, but a steady read. Detective story lovers would enjoy this one.
    The downside, in my opinion of this novel, would be some of the language. I did not feel that so many 'off color' words had to be incorporated in the language of the characters, and felt this took away from the read. Perhaps to others it would not matter.
    If you want a laid back Detective story, even paced with likeable characters, this one is for you. Good to cuddle up with on these cold winter nights."
    ~Shirley Johnson/Reviewer for Midwest Book Review.

 Manhunt (The O'Brien Series Book 2)
by Brian T. Seifrit
Reviewer: Elaine Leite

No longer available or in print.

    "With one of the biggest captures behind him, Detective Tyler O'Brien thought that a vacation from Henderson & Co would be just what he needed. He would get a little rest and relaxation with his wife and two boys. They planned to vacation in the mountains by the lake. A very quiet vacation and well deserved. But, of course, O'Brien's vacation would be cut short. The case of Anvil Brentwood would be due in court next week. Anvil Brentwood was no ordinary man. He was a sick and deranged man. O'Brien and his detectives wanted Anvil to be put where he belonged, in jail, forever.
    During an evaluation that the judge requested, the doctor revealed that Anvil was suffering from a neurological disease called Kuru and he also carried the antibodies for the disease in his DNA. But the doctors believed that Anvil would survive for no more than six months. The judge sentenced Anvil to spend the rest of his life at the Neurological Science Department at Kingston University to be studied until his death.
    With Anvil in the closest thing to a real prison in all of Canada, O'Brien and his detectives were happy with this sentence. The Kingston Penitentiary in the psychiatric hospital would be like a twenty-four hour lock up. Henderson & Co could finally put Anvil Brentwood behind them once and for all and move on to other cases. Henderson also gave O'Brien an unexpected offer. He asked O'Brien to head the office in Ridgeville, only until he could find a permanent Lieutenant to fill the spot. After talking it over with his family, O'Brien decided to take the promotion. The next couple of months would fly by for O'Brien. He was getting used to his position as Lieutenant and his family would gain a family member. But he never expected what happened next.
    Anvil escaped from Kingston University. He killed a doctor and an assistant. Even worse, his tests showed that he was cured of Kuru. No doctor ever imagined that he would now have a higher IQ than a normal person. The Manhunt was on.
    Manhunt picks up right where The O'Brien Series Book 1 leaves off. Manhunt is very exciting. Brian Seifrit keeps you on the edge of your seat with this series. You find yourself rooting for the good guys to prevail. With all the twists and turns, it keeps you holding on until the very end. I couldn't put this one down. The story line is very easy to follow. It is very well written. You can relate to the characters. I will pass this one on to friends."

The O'Brien Series-Book 1
by Brian T. Seifrit

No longer available or in print.

    "Detective O’Brien works for Henderson and Co. Detective Agency. You are first introduced to him and his colleagues; Henderson, Hal, Rory and Thom as they are investigating a murder case. Detective O’Brien immediately reminded me of the Detectives of long lost famous television shows, like Jack Web from “Dragnet.” This certainly was not a bad thing for this reviewer, but rather made for a ‘trip down memory lane’ read. One I enjoyed.
    It is a laid back novel, not fast paced, despite the entire core of it being centered around murder investigations. This is not to say that there was not mystery in this novel, for indeed there was, as Detective O’Brien and his team are faced with a killer who has a cruel sadistic side. Detective O’Brien tells the stories, from his eyes. After the first murder is solved, the rest of the book brings you into O’Brien’s investigation of a crime of mutilated bodies, seemingly of homeless people. Just what were those strange markings on the bodies of the victims? And why was their blood drained out?
    The author does a good job of bringing you into the swing of the story, but I feel he could be a little more descriptive of characters, surroundings and emotions. I liked the way Mr. Seifrit brought the murderer into the story and the reason why this person killed. I found it intriguing, and I also liked the way he threw in a few other suspects, allowing you to play detective for a while. This book grows on you! I think those who like a good detective novel will enjoy this one. Looking forward to book 2!"
    ~Shirley Johnson/Reviewer for Midwest Book Review

The O'Brien Series Book One
by Brian T. Seifrit
Reviewer: Elaine Leite

No longer available or in print.

    "Detective Tyler O'Brien is very dedicated to his job. He is the type of detective that puts himself and his family last until he solves the case. He recently sold his own detective agency to go to work with the reputed Henderson and Co. O'Brien has a very good relationship with his boss, you could say it's a love hate relationship. They both try to bring out the best in each other. Henderson knows that he can count on O'Brien to get the job done and solve the case.
    The first case that Henderson gives O'Brien is a three-week-old case that involves the killings of two young women. O'Brien takes the case. It takes place in the town where he grew up. Just when you think that there is no way any new evidence can turn up, O'Brien gets a break and solves the case. Next, O'Brien gets a case that is very brutal. It involves the death of a homeless man who is mutilated and dumped on the train tracks. O'Brien calls on some help and finds out that there was a similar case that happened ten years before. This leaves O'Brien with no leads and no evidence of who could have done this.
    O'Brien and the boys from Henderson and Co get together to try and find the killer or killers in this horrible death. Days later, with four more bodies dropped off in different cities but with the same brutal mutilations done to them, O'Brien gets some help from a liquor store owner. He gives O'Brien a different look at these brutal homicides. O'Brien goes to check up on this idea that he has.
    With the killer one step ahead of the detectives, they pull out all the stops. Henderson himself gets involved to help O'Brien take down this madman. The sarcasm that Henderson and O'Brien trade with each other gives the book the comical edge that it needs. This book shares with you the thoughts of a madman.
    The O'Brien Series really keeps you rooting for the good guys. I can't wait for book two."


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