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"Let me take you to a place you have never been."

A Bloodstained Hammer- co Authored with Alison Townsend 2013

"A Bloodstained Hammer"

AUTHOR(s): Brain T. Seifrit with Alison Townsend.


 Review by GaeleHincke

 4.0 out of 5 stars the story has depth without becoming a legal tome that is more word than emotion,December 12, 2013

By Gaele "We read to know, we are not alone ~ C.... (Atlanta, GA) - See all my reviews

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This review is from: A Bloodstained Hammer: A Story of the Kootenays (Paperback)

"An interesting look at 1960’s British Colombia, small town life and ultimately a condemnation of the Crown’s allowance of the insanity defense, the story has depth without becoming a legal tome that is more word than emotion. Seifrit manages to depict the struggle to make ends meet in a fairly remote and often unforgiving area: where farming is just one of many endeavors the family is engaged in. Particularly notable is the emotion that is wrung from the imagined dialogue and the world building, the descriptions presented with a sense of having been there.

With the small family holding and livestock, it was not unexpected to need a farm hand, and when a reasonably suitable and affordable applicant presents himself, he is hired on. Western Canada, at that time was similar to the Wild West of the 1800’s, many people went west to leave troubles from the eastern coast behind themselves, reinventing their stories and lives for a new start. This is where the story takes a twist.

When the wife and young child, the only two with reservations about this hired hand, are found murdered, and the culprit is caught with the family car, the court proceedings ensue. Pleading not guilty by reason of insanity was the outcome: and the killer went on to live a reasonably normal life. But the lives of the remaining Townsends are forever etched with regret, anger, guilt and even condemnation of the Crown’s system, the allowance for an insanity defense with no punitive measures, and more importantly, Siefrit is able to imbue the text and subtext with raw and often unpleasant emotional weight, giving readers a true moment of ‘live in their shoes’ that is uncommon in my experience.

Serving to provide readers with a sense of aftermath and impact from the family, the author also lays out a clear if not always concise series of reasons that present the issues surrounding the criminal defense’s use of the insanity card, and a viscerally emotional story of victim impact that is often lost in the news stories that are all too prevalent.

Not a book for the faint of heart, or those looking for a glossy and breezy retelling of a grisly story, this book is emotionally raw at moments, thought provoking always, and provides a true sense of life and the events in British Colombia in the 1960’s."

"I received an eBook copy of the title from the publisher for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility." GaeleHinke


Review by Jennifer Elizabeth Hyndman


5.0 out of 5 stars Epic!, April 1, 2013

By Jennifer Elizabeth Hyndman - See all my reviews

This review is from: A Bloodstained Hammer: A Story of the Kootenays (Paperback)

"Not knowing what this book was about, I got it as a gift and finally read it. Without being redundant to the books description, let me tell you why I thought this was a masterpiece.

1. It's historically and factually accurate. All the ways of life and family circles are detailed and "how-it-really-was" back then at that time. You can feel the struggle and taste the pain and sweat.

2. You will feel. By that I mean at every turn I was emotionally attached and there were pages that actually made my heart quicken and I mean literally.

I even found myself waving the book around and wanting to shake the bad character out so I could beat him! I was so mad and so upset at one point and then I realized how emotionally snagged I was. The author somehow KEEPS pulling you in until you almost forget that its a book. It's just a book. But it's soul-stirring. If this is actually an account of a historical crime, I'm even more impressed."


Red Rock Canyon


 "Red Rock Canyon"


AUTHOR: Brain T. Seifrit

         "This is a wonderful story full of love, suspense and mystery, set back in the old west."

Reviewer: Tabitha

Genre: Historical/Western

The Coalition of Purgatory

 "The Coalition of Purgatory."
AUTHOR: Brian T. Seifrit

Reviewed by: GhostWriter Literary Reviews 


"Bryce Ellwood was a freelance writer, researcher and photographer, who’d been hired by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, to monitor the animals and the activities on the Purgatory Mountain. Word was, that land developers, Robertar & Robertar were preparing to build a ski resort in the area, not only upsetting the people of the mountain, but the wildlife as well. Bryce loved the beauty and the untamed serenity the mountain offered, and he hated the idea that some money hungry developer planned to disturb it. Bryce’s main focus was the grizzly bear population. It was early spring, and the bears would soon be coming out of hibernation, but Bryce’s luck in finding them, was slow to come. During one of his jaunts, Bryce came upon a bear cub who’s mother had died. Knowing the cub couldn’t possibly survive on its own, Bryce decided to take him under his wing, and soon the two became friends. The cub’s antics were sometimes destructively annoying, but mostly the cub amused him.

    Hector Foxeagle was an older Indian from the Ktunaxa tribe. He’d lived on that mountain since 1988, and had encountered problems with the same developers once before. The mountains were Hector’s home, and despite the obstacles, he was determined to save his mountain, saying he was the protector and server of all the wildlife on the mountain. Hector on occasion, would stop in and visit with Bryce. They’d become good friends, and Bryce had a lot of respect for him, but he also like Hector’s granddaughter, Rayne-Bow. Not only was Rayne-Bow intelligent, but she was beautiful, and Bryce quickly became smitten with her, but she, liked him as well. Things were definitely looking up for Bryce, until one of his walks led him to a waterfall, where he slipped and broke his leg. Bruised and in pain, Bryce had to hike his way back to camp, but it wouldn’t be an easy task.

   Roberto Robertar by all appearances, was a cold-hearted man who loved wealth, and the power that came with it. He also had a weakness for beautiful women and unattached physical pleasures. This was his second attempt at building on the Purgatory, and he couldn’t afford the loss from the unexpected delays. He was determined to see this project through, at any cost.

  "The Coalition of Purgatory," is an adventure- packed story, filled with suspense and humor. It would be a great addition to anyone’s library. This is one of those "can’t put it down" books. I really enjoyed the pleasure. Great job, Brian!"

Reviewer: Deanna
Genre: Action/Adventure

Absolute Anger

 "Absolute Anger"

AUTHOR: Brian T. Seifrit

"In Fruitmont, someone literally appears to be out for blood. Each murder victim found has been mutilated and drained of blood. Henderson & Co., PI Agency sends out Detective O’Brien to piece together the case, but with such a strange case and even stranger clues, there are more theories than answers.

 I thought this was an interesting story worthy of some of the better crime shows on television. Overall, the storyline is great and the mystery will keep readers turning page after page."

Reviewer: Sunshine



 "Bloodlines" No longer available

AUTHOR: Brian T. Seifrit

The Vanfells inherited a ranch and start across the Rocky Mountains to begin their lives there.  In the beginning there were 15 of them, but illness, diseases, treacherous weather and unforeseen difficulties, dwindled their numbers as they continued on.  They lived in a cave for a while and lost their horses from an unforeseen force, thinking all the while it was coyotes. They meet with some Indians and continued to survive. Follow the Vanfells through a deluge of welcoming territories, and horrendous struggles and hardships to survive and find what they sought.

"Bloodlines’ by author Brian T Seifrit is an exciting, could not put down, adventure story.  I highly recommend ‘Bloodlines’ to those interested in the wild territories of years ago. I give this epic adventure a five star rating and if I could give more I would!"

Reviewer: Anastasia
Genre: Historical/Adventure


 "Escape" No longer available

AUTHOR: Brian T. Seifrit

"The main character, Hayden Rochsoff, has a spectacular role in the midst of international mayhem between the RRA and CPA. Mention of the FBI, KGB, CIA and CPA all at one time, allows you to understand the width of the espionage going on within the story. Hayden has his job cut out for him in this spy filled action/adventure, while he is in love with Colleen, who happens to get captured and filed, while being molested by Ellis & Red, who want to humiliate her to the utmost.  Hayden goes though hell and back to get to Colleen, struggling with Ellis and Red when he finally gets there.

    “Escape” by Brian T. Seifrit is the most dramatic spy filled, action adventure I’ve read in a long while. It is filled with on the edge of your seat chilling mishaps that will keep you reading to the very end. There are no boring pages to this exceptionally well -written action adventure. This author has a vast knowledge of espionage, spies and international regulations of border crossings and the like. An author this knowledgeable is well worth the read!"

Reviewer: Anastasia

Genre: Action/Adventure